Who is Allan Robinson?


Why a website?


Who needs to know? (And will those he owes money to want more than money?)


Will children and Grand children of whom he is unaware demand attention?


Will the world of motorcycling put him up for Sainthood?


What will Edgar Jessop make of this effort at modernity?


(Was Edgar Jessop really immortal?) Does Robinson wear Plimsolls?


Will The Surrey Constabulary now The Surrey Police ever forgive him?

Scotland Yard and the Home Office never have!


Did all those he arrested form a “Founders Club” meeting annually outside the gates of Holloway?


Can the London Motorcycle Touring Club reform?


The National Sprint Association and the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club may refuse to acknowledge a founder member.
(Especially as he may owe subs)


The world of Freemasonry may forgive someone who cannot remember his post code let alone their ritual… but will they!!


Did the Queen really say “What on Earth made you think you deserve this” as she passed out a Gong in 1982.


How did the letters FIFP get behind the surname Robinson?


Did Allan’s father really Referee England and Scotland at Wembley in 1952 and stand as Umpire in a Test match just after the war?


Is brother Roger Robinson married to the first lady to run a Marathon ? (Buy the book!).


Does brother Michael own all of Australia or just Arcadia ?


Is daughter TJ the bungee drop champion of New Zealand ?


What Rugby team will granddaughter Olivia play for as at three she is already 6ft tall and weighs 12 stone.
Father is a Gloucester supporter.


Does organising the TT Riders Association for 21 years command any respect?


Why does a man so frightened of pain ride motorcycles?


Is Robinson really related to the great Wilson ? (Read the Wizard and Hotspur) Did Leigh Hall College in Westcliffe on sea really feature as “Our School flies a Hurricane?” 1940 to 1950.
Was Robinson a red capped pupil?


Can anyone that old still bore thousands of people each week with his motorcycle racing and Classic car commentaries?


Who are the Midlands Mafia and who lives in a cave in Wales ?


All may be revealed as the website is constructed or may be further obscured in the fog of history but if you have been viewing thus far continue later and thank you.