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1967. The young have it all! AR in Ghana courtesy of the CIA (yes them!) Seemed a good idea at the time!!

Pro Am Golf with Clement Freud. Commentary on Golf...of course just the fee to be negotiated. Photo and event at Effingham Golf Club about 1970 a Police Pro Am. Robinson is explaining about Special Branch (See Background)

Allan Robinson MBE from the Surrey Constabulary back in the early 1970s. Competing in the annual Circuit de Pyrenees. - He was a winner one year on his 350cc Yamaha. It was a sporting event for police and military riders.

Press Trial 30th November 1972 Once a year the great and the good from the motorcycle press plus commentators gathered to compete in the "Wayzgoose" Trial. At one time in orchards around Swanley it gravitated to the woods around the circuit at Brands Hatch. The plot was to borrow a famous riders machine dress in disguise and get muddy and then tipsy! Robinson with one of Edgar Jessops many offspring in Arthur Wheelers Ariel 500 outfit won the Uncle Rowe shield three times over a 1959 to 1987 Press Trial Career. Today the Press Trial takes place but journalists are not as well known as they were of yore. The famed Denis Jenkinson once replied when described as a journalist that he was actually a writer as journalists made it up!

Toastmaster. Another string to the old devils bow he is a Full Reds Toastmaster much in demand at Weddings and Masonic Functions. Has worked for "Midlands Excellence " for 10 consecutive years and while this photo is 1974 the coat still fits and the wit is sharp! Charges are modest too.

Allan at Brands Hatch 1974. Do appreciate that the Grandstand was demolished later but it and the commentary box and medical centre were on the outside of the track and the new structures are today right opposite where commentators worked. Note curly black hair!!

Bond on Q's Waterski Bike or Allan on the Bond Waterski from the front page of the Daily Herald captioned "is this the way to beat the traffic jams". The Waterski died but Robinson still has the bowler hat!! 1974 and all that! River Thames at Kingston the location.

Allan and Edgar Jessop (who is wearing Jimmy Simpsons cap on Jimmy's head actually) at Donnington Park 1974. Jimmy Simpson broke more TT Lap records than any other pre war TT rider and later worked for Castrol as did his son Jimmy Simpson Jnr. Alas both are now passed under the chequered flag.The Jimmy Simpson trophy is still awarded for the fastest lap at every TT meeting.

Allan and Miss BMF 1975. Robinson is wearing the "Slimy Snake" regalia of Honda UK in Green and Yellow. They called it Hondastyle but unless you got it for free few wore it!

An overwhelmed Jane Cresswell prepares to start her 250cc Suzuki as she hears that she is the 1975 Miss Federation. Allan Robinson, the rally announcer, gives her a congratulatory pat on the back. 19 year old Jane is from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. She will now be 51 and probably wants to forget being in the same BMF arena as Robinson. (Of course "Robbie" has not aged at all!!)

1978 and one of those rare moments as Mike Hailwood has received his silver Replica and is about to tell the packed Villa Marina Presentation what his great come back had meant to him personally. The crowd were silent for Mike had truely stopped the Island in its tracks and the British "Three Cheers" as he left the stage were as emotional and sincere as any he had received in his wonderful career.

Bol d' Or 1984. Allan's famous Triton built from a basic Hill Climber to full Manx GP spec. by Martin Russell of Kitts Green,it never missed a beat anywhere in Europe. Sold to Dr Stephan Fideiss in Bavaria it runs to this day giving great satisfaction and joy to the good Doctor and one of his two sons. The spare Triumph engine that went with it has still to be taken from its box 13 years after the sale!! Moments after this shot was taken Alan Cathcart overtook and crashed on an oil slick sadly losing a little finger. Being much slower than Crascart Robinson had noticed the oil trail and had taken avoiding action.

National Motorcycle Museum 1984. Allan had an Excelsior Talisman Twin Sport exactly like this museum piece. It covered over 100000 miles and was sold in Part Exchange for a AJS 350cc. The Talisman suffered from Wicopacy ignition and the rotor disc was always at fault . Wico Blue plugs were used and if anyone still needs a blue plug just ask!

Allan and Edgar Jessop or is it Prince Michael of Kent? Both men rode in the pioneer run one year. The Prince was more noticable than Edgar as he had two Police Land Rovers packed with tall men with bulges under their coats escorting him. Edgar just had his turbaned 4ft 2" man servant called Kim! Kim ran bare foot behind his masters 1910 Abingdon KD all the way from Tattenham Corner. 47 miles in better time than they run 26.2 miles in the London Marathon.

Sandown Park - circa 1991, 1992 The Horse called Jessops Dream so all is explained as the old boy had taken up riding over the sticks and asked AR in Bookmakers suit to hold the horse while he changed for the next race!

Mansion House - 1992. Another time another posh place AR in a claw Hammer Coat always good for a laugh and a Loving Cup or two. (NOT with blokes)

Undercover disguise - Malta at the Blue Label Rally for motorcycles with Erhard Lienke and Mick Gurr as well as Rod Coleman from NZ. All had taken part in the Milano Taranto race and then on shipped on the worlds worst ferry from Italy to Malta. 1993

Style Icon - the Pudding Basin helmet and Goggles - 1998

Allan 13th April 2003. His Birthday (note Edgar Jessop is connected with the 13th asd well!) Allan becomes President of the Association of Pioneer Motorcyclists Ivan Rhodes outgoing President is on left. The APMC is a happy band of motorcyclists of mature age.

International Classic GP Chimay - 2004 Allan rides Rob Lidgates 750 Triple around the Belgian Classic Circuit.. Fastest machine ridden that day!!

Chimay - 2005. One McIntosh Manx and a day of sunshine. A perfect day for ever young racers. The Belgian Circuit is always fun!

Commentators nightmare to be given just a loudspeaker but what opportunity to declaim "Can you hear me now ...You cloth-eared b******* Never miss a chance!!

A.R. The only time a Phil Read product was real quality. A Premier Helmet and a free day at Brands Hatch.

....putt....putt....putt....Boring...boring...boring...Donington Park for an Industry Day or something similar.

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